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NSW Solar Incentives

Ready to get solar and save on your energy bills?

In New South Wales, there are various incentives (subject to change):

  • National solar subsidy: Available for all system sizes, the national STC scheme reduces the upfront cost of a 6.6kW system installed in Sydney by around $2,600. Advertised system prices in NSW already include this subsidy.
  • Solar For Low Income Households: Qualifying households can receive a free 3kW solar system in exchange for forfeiting the Low Income Household Rebate for ten years.
  • Feed-in tariff: Payments are made for each kilowatt-hour of surplus electricity generated by your system and not used by your home that is exported to the mains grid.
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): $3,000 rebate and stamp duty exemption on new vehicle purchases.

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